Gravity Ventilator (GRV)
Turbine, Pul-Air, and Insul-Air for General Ventilation
Gravity Ventilators offer the Turbine, Pul-Air and Insul-Air models. Turbines are ideal for the general ventilation of factories, farm and agricultural buildings, commercial and public structures and homes. The Pul-Air is a simple device designed to permit an easy outward flow of air with no internal obstructions or moving parts to require maintenance. The Insul-Air is the ideal choice where an extended airshaft is necessary, to clear the peak of a roof for example. It features all the sturdy construction-details of the Pul-Air plus an extended airshaft and an integral flat mounting base.
  • Pul-Air for Air Exhaust with No Moving Parts
  • Insul-Air for Extended Airshaft to Clear Roof Peaks
  • Model HPA: Insul-Air
  • Model PA: Pul-Air
  • Model PT: Turbine