Fansizer Selection Software

Fansizer Product Selection Program

Fansizer 2.0 is PennBarry's industry leading engineering selection program. Fansizer allows you to select the best product for your application. Input a variety of specifications and Fansizer will show you all possible options.

It allows you to complete job schedules which you can store, modify and print quickly. Features include: on-screen product drawings and dimensions, text specifications, and export and import functions of job files for easy sharing.


  • Compatible with Windows 7.
  • Easy installation.
  • Centralized network file sharing for jobs and customers.
  • Automated update capability for new releases.
  • Microsoft Excel equipment schedules and submittals.
  • Import/Export Fansizer files to share job modifications.

Step 1: Download

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Step 2: Extract Files and Install

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File Information

File Date : 09/25/15
File Size : 125 MB

Installation Instructions


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