Axial Warehouse Exhaust (AWX)
Tubeaxial Fan, Inline and Rooftop Exhaust, Direct Drive
The AWX fans are designed for versatility in medium pressure inline applications used in commercial, institutional, or industrial applications. AWX is suitable for warehouse ventilation, space pressurization, crypto-currency (bitcoin) data mining facilities, and general supply / exhaust ventilation.

  • True airfoil blade design maximizing fan efficiency and reducing operating costs
  • Better overall sound quality compared to fabricated/stamped metal blade designs
  • Highly efficient adjustable pitch propeller in 6 and 9 blade configurations to meet a wide range of performance demands
  • AMCA Air, Sound & FEI certification
  • cUL705 certification
  • Static pressure up to 2.75” wg./680 Pa
  • Flow capacity up to 88,700 CFM/41,800 L/s


  • Adjustable pitch aluminum propeller, 6 or 9 bladed

  • Indoor/Outdoor application
  • Base or ceiling mounting for vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Rooftop mounting
  • Mild steel and coated housing
  • Access door
  • Single point wiring for easy field connection (internal NEMA 4x wiring standard)
  • Permanent magnet and premium efficient motor solutions