Roof Curbs (RC)
Prefabricated Curbs for Roof Mounted Ventilation Equipment
Prefabricated curbs offer many advantages over field built curbs for roof mounted ventilating equipment. By using PennBarry curbs with PennBarry fans and vents you are assured a proper fit with PennBarry roof mounted equipment.
  • SA: Sound-Flat, Aluminum
  • Model SG: Sound-Flat, Steel
  • Model SCA: Sound-Cant, Aluminum
  • Model SCG: Sound-Cant, Steel
  • Model SFA: Self Flashing, Aluminum
  • Model SFG: Self Flashing, Steel
  • Model SRA: Sound-RC, Aluminum
  • Model SRG: Sound-RC, Steel
  • Model UA: Flat, Aluminum
  • Model UG: Flat, Steel
  • Model UCA: Cant, Aluminum
  • Model UCG: Cant, Steel
  • Model URA: Raised Cant, Aluminum
  • Model URG: Raised Cant, Steel
  • Model UVG: Vented, Steel