UVS - Utility Vent Set
Utility Vent Set (UVS) - Housed Centrifugal Fan
The UVS is a SWSI, Class 0, Arrangement 4 and 10 general purpose air moving device. It is for use in general ventilation applications for commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC systems. The UVS utilizes an Aluminum Backward Inclined Non-Overloading Wheel.
  • Utility Set with Backward Inclined Aluminum Wheel
  • Class 0 Construction
  • Mild Steel Welded and Coated Housing
  • Sizes 060-270 Direct Drive
  • Sizes 060-542 Belt Drive
  • Performance Range (Up to 40,000 CFM and up to 3.5 in. SP)
  • AMCA Air and Sound Certified Ratings Performance
  • UL 705 Certification
  • EC, Permanent Magnet, and Induction Motors Available