Muffan (MU)
Make-up Filtered Fresh Air Supply Centrifugal Fan
Make-up Filtered Fresh Air Supply centrifugal fans for commercial and industrial use. PennBarry's Muffan replaces foul or contaminated air that is removed by a building's exhaust system. Such make-up air is so essential that it is part of safety and building code requirements for commercial kitchens, chemical laboratories, electrical control rooms and where gas equipment is installed. Proper make-up air provisions should be part of every building plan.
  • Direct or Belt Drive
  • Roof-Mount Filtered Supply
  • Side Intake [Model FS]
  • Available with stamped or extruded louver panels/assembly
  • Capacity: From 100 - 14,426 CFM; 0 - 1.0” w.g.
  • Model MU: Belt Drive
  • Model MU_VR: Direct Drive