ERV Selection

Select and Calculate Energy Savings of Energy Recovery Ventilators

ERV Product Selection Program

This software performs design point and seasonal energy calculations for PennBarry's line of energy recovery ventilators. Just select the assortment of energy recovery ventilators that are required for a given project, provide information on usage patterns of the building and the geographic location, and the software will calculate how much money is saved by using these devices.

Even better, it allows selection and evaluation of energy recovery ventilators from two perspectives. First, it allows you to estimate the reduction in installed heating and cooling capacities as a result of a reduction in the ventilation loads at design conditions when HVAC equipment is selected and sized. Second, it allows you to estimate the annual energy and operating cost savings that will be accrued if energy recovery is used. This data can be especially helpful in financial analyses to determine parameters, such as payback period or return-on-investment.

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Version : 5.0
File Size : 22 MB

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