Cross Reference - Terms of Use & Instructions


By use of this program, I agree that it is for high level product references only and will review the product specifications to ensure a correct match. I WILL NOT hold PennBarry (including Air System Components / Air Distribution Technologies) liable for any erroneous orders placed with PennBarry or through said Representatives/Distributors on the basis of a cross reference (report).


To Use:
First select a manufacturer, then a product. Make as many selections as needed, changing the manufacturer at any time.

Remove Entries:
Click on the "Remove" link to the right of the cross reference.

Clear the Form:
Refresh the page (press F5).

Fill in the "job name" and "email" in the textboxes (before or after you make selections). Click the "Email Me" button at the bottom of the selections list.

Go back to the Cross Reference application.