Induced Flow, High Plume, High Dilution Laboratory Exhaust Fans
iPlume™ is a commercial lab exhaust system that ensures a greater level of safety and health by propelling contaminated effluent higher into the atmosphere where it becomes diluted before contaminants can settle back to the building envelope or ground level. PennBarry’s iPlume features an aluminum non-overloading airfoil mixed flow impeller, providing higher efficiency and quiet performance. The iPlume offers industry leading sound performance.
  • Size ranges 122-445
  • Performance ranges (Min 700 CFM, Max 60,000 CFM)
  • Static Pressure up to 7" w.g.
  • Arrangement 4 direct drive or Arrangement 9 belt drive
  • AMCA 260 seal for induced flow performance
  • AMCA seal for sound and air performance
  • UL Certified 705