Mixed Flow Inline Fan (MXI)
Inline Tubular Mixed Flow
Model MXI is the most efficient tubular inline mixed flow fan in the market. Designed to be compact and light weight. Level 1 or level 2 construction available. Capable of up to 8" w.g. Available in 17 sizes ranging from 122 thru 600 with a wide variety of features and options to fit a large range of applications.
  • Best in class mixed flow inline fan with Standard and Airfoil Wheel
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Construction available
  • Heavy gauge steel, continuously welded housing
  • Slip-fit Inlet and Outlet
  • Performance Ranges (Min 650 CFM, Max 113,600 CFM)
  • AMCA Sound and Air Performance and UL 705 Certification
  • UL Heat and Smoke Option available
  • UL762 Restaurant Grease Exhaust Option available